Animated Explainer Videos

A short video that utilizes motion graphics to highlight a specific product or service, in a compelling and efficient way.

A universal video asset.

A powerful video asset that is extremely informative and visually stunning.

It can sometimes be hard to explain your product or service in a concise, simple way. Animations are great for communicating abstract or intangible ideas in an engaging and meaningful way.

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High-impact. Conversion focused.

Explainer Videos clearly communicate abstract or intangible ideas.

Don't keep your potential clients guessing! If you continually are challenged to explain your process or service consistently and simply, an animated explainer video can do the heavy lifting for you. Removing any confusion about your service for potential clients is key for them to trust you have the solution for them.

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Animated Explainer Videos
Animated Explainer Videos
Works for you 24/7

Even when you are away from your desk this video works to educate customers on who you are, what you offer and why it's important.

Animated Explainer Videos
Make your product or service the star

Most consumers make purchases based on a combination of logic + emotion. We can create a powerful asset that can be used in your sales cycle.

Animated Explainer Videos
Cross platform

Animated explainer videos can be formatted for a variety of platforms and devices. Laptops, phones, horizontal or vertical orientation. We can format your video to work with it all!

A collection of our work

See real client examples.

Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

Animation - Helix Trade Show Video

Client: Cramer
 Trade Show Booth Screens
Five weeks


Animated videos also work great in person for events like a trade show. They can attract an audience and pull people into your retail space or trade show booth.

Cramer needed a high energy, visually interesting way to show off their newest chair design at a recent trade show. Combining animation of the product and text call-outs, we were able to highlight the key features of the chair and a fun, engaging way.

  • 🎨   Increased awareness
  • 📩   Increased lead-gen

"Brent Hansen, Owner of The Motion Shop, understands the power of story-telling in marketing! He helps businesses clarify their story, then masterfully uses video to tell that story. Love the work he did for us! Highly recommend if you are looking for a Kanas City Video Production Company!"

Jan Jensen

Owner, Jane Jensen Artists

Trusted by brands of all sizes:
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Common uses for

Animated Explainer Videos

We want to ensure you can get the most out of your video production investment. Here are just a few more ways you can utilize this type of video to see even better results in your business.

  • Improve your sales & marketing
  • Create powerful, shareable content
  • Communicate abstract or intangible ideas
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create powerful & effective social ads
  • Inform your audience
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Save time explaining your product / service

Animated Explainer Videos

When you work with us, you're not just getting a partner in video, but a partner in marketing and business as well.

We reimagined what a video agency should be to give you the creativity of a big agency—all at super-fast speeds and a fraction of the cost.

Animated Explainer Videos
Shot 100% on-location.

Our team comes to you. We shoot & edit everything right here in Kansas City. No outsourcing required.

Fast. Really fast.

We do things really quickly here at The Motion Shop. From concepting and designing, to shooting and editing. You will have your final assets ASAP.

Always strategic.

We want the video assets we create to work and make an impact. We start each project with strategy, consultation and implementation plans.

Accessible pricing.

We make high-impact video marketing accessible to all businesses, big or small. No hidden fees, gimmicks or gotcha's.

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  • 1-2 minute video asset
  • Design & Storyboarding
  • Pro-level Voiceover & Sound Design
  • Music & Graphics fully licensed
  • Script assistance
  • Implementation guidance
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